The Shortlist Announced

Hello readers, writers, poets and photographers. We are delighted to announce the lucky shortlisted entrants for the Your Fire Magazine Launch Issue: Catching Dreams! We would like to thank each and every one of you for submitting, and also give a huge congratulations to the shortlisted! We were amazed with the amount of entries we have received, and even more astounded with the quality of the work being submitted to us. We would also like to say a congratulations to those who were longlisted, and didn’t quite make it to the shortlist.

The shortlisted people below, will all have a chance at being published, as we publish the top 5 in each category. Make sure you keep your eyes on the blog, as we will be announcing the people being published, and we also may be publishing some of the shortlisted on the blog in the next few weeks. Each week we will publish a selection of the shortlist on the blog. Please see below for the incredibly talented shortlist:


9 successful entries.

Lunch Beneath The Trees by Ann Privateer

Boastful Moon by Beverly M. Collins

Seagull In The Surf by Beverly M. Collins

Red Dragonfly by Beverly M. Collins

Joy by B. A. Brittingham

Peace by Fabrice Poussin


9 successful entries.

At Last by Victor Nandi

The Philosophy Of What by Michael Brownstein

Bars by Michael Brownstein

Epitaph by Clyde Liffey

The Lift by Cameron Phillips


21 successful entries.

Tesla by Gerard Sarnat

Indoor Garden Stuff by Gerard Sarnat

Waxwork by Katherine Gotthardt

Spring Wings by Katherine Gotthardt

Rise by Katherine Gotthardt

the colours of my heart by Andy Eycott

LIFE by Andy Eycott

Body Of Water by Andy Eycott

On The Mississippi by Michael Brownstein

Storm by Michael Brownstein


117 successful entries.

Deepest Blue by DS Maolalai

Deep In My Couch by Michael Lee Johnson

The Redemption by Michael Lee Johnson

Alberta Bound (v4) by Michael Lee Johnson

Beach Boys, Dance by Michael Lee Johnson

Sorrow by Iolanda Leotta

Life by Iolanda Leotta

Building A Better Scarecrow by Bruce McRae

Famished by Bruce McRae

Meeting With Our Dreams by Maid Corbic

Sent by Ann Privateer

Remembering by Ann Privateer

Sky Stare by Beverly M. Collins

City Life by Gerald Nikolai Smith

Showers & Rain by Michael Lee Johnson

Kansas, Old Abandoned House (v4) by Michael Lee Johnson

Then I’ll Be Happy by Kathleen Kempert

Correspondence by Michael Ceraolo

Future Prospect by Gary Beck

Survival Hopes by Gary Beck

Get Smart by Ann Privateer

Pretty Girls by Lauren Hern

dead bees by Andy Eycott

Sketch by Andy Eycott

The Parking Lot by Diana Raab

New Mexican Mountain Adventure by Ben Nardolilli

Barcelona 1 by Tony Warner

Desert Whirlwind by Thomas Alan Gray

Delighted Insistence by Aldo Quagliotte

Confessions Of A Pregnant Man by Aldo Quagliotte

To Those I’ve Wounded by Howie Good

Sunday In The Hills by Yash Seyedbagheri

Feral Love by Sunday T. Saheed

Stuff by Annemarie Timmons

Evolving Writer by Annemarie Timmons

In The Eye Of The Beholder by Annemarie Timmons

Like Moving an ocean by Fabrice Poussin


1 successful entry.

Fiction: A Strange Kind Of Magic by James Marks


2 successful entries.

Poetry: Preparation by Annemarie Timmons

Fiction: Gaze by Kai Double


14 successful entries.

Spilled Champagne And Shattered Glass by Teresa Beeding

The Lake House by Keith Hoerner

Prisoners by Howie Good

She’s the Bomb by Keith Hoerner

When Dreams Turn Graphite Gray by Keith Hoerner

Mood Swing by Lee Hammerschmidt

My Way by Lee Hammerschmidt


34 successful entries.

Wishlist by Matt McGee

Unsuccessful Movie by Christopher T. Dabrowski

Broken Night by Beverly M. Collins

Compelling Argument by Teresa Beeding

A Spot Of Bother by Peter Lingard

Face To Face by Ken Goldman

Homecoming by Francesco Grazioli

Testing My Mindfulness by Ian McNaughton

On The Doorstep by Shannon James

Day The Name by David Pitts

Spiker by Ian Tucker

The Land Across the Sea by Jacqueline Bartle

However Far, However Near by Keith Hoerner

Hands of Time by Lee Hammerschmidt

The Law of Attraction by Ejder Sevgen Raif

Home? by David Pitts

Dear Issues by David Henson

Please note:

If you haven’t heard from us by now, unfortunately you haven’t made the shortlist for the launch issue, and sadly won’t be published. Please don’t let this dishearten you – it doesn’t mean that your work won’t be published elsewhere, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you aren’t an incredibly talented poet, writer or photographer.

Announcing The New Point System

Ready to get rewards for submitting your work? With our new point system, it is easy! Go to the tabs at the top of the page for lots more information or contact us at

Trade in points for vouchers to our shop. Or, see if you can collect enough points to make the weekly top 5 to each win a £5 voucher to our shop! Good luck! How many points will you collect?

Submissions Closed

As quick as that, our launch issue’s submission period has closed! On the 20th of January, the long awaited issue will be published.

There has been such a wonderful high standard of work and we look forward to choosing the lucky few for publication!

Luckily, submissions are re-opening soon for our next issue! This submission period will begin on the 20th of January and last until the 10th March 2022! Good luck!

Unfortunately, we must add that there has been no submissions for the star page competition or the catching dreams competition. We have no choice but to cancel the catching dreams competition, and change the star page competition. What we have decided to do is invite the person who has sent us the most submissions for the issue. They will then have the opportunity to be featured on the star page. If they choose not to accept this for whatever reason, we will keep on going down the list to the person who has sent us the next highest amount of submissions and so on. Hopefully, one lucky writer, photographer or poet will get a chance to be featured!

Exciting News About Poetry!

Happy New Year everyone! As we begin the new year, I was thinking of setting up a poetry Stanza. Find out more information using the link below:

Poetry Society Stanzas – The Poetry Society

I would need at least 3-4 people interested in order to set it up. It would all be online via zoom, and you don’t need to have much experience with poetry. Joining would come with many benefits, including more advanced poetry skills, and entrance to the stanza poetry competition. The best part is: it is completely free!

As a stanza I would also like to work on perhaps publishing a group poetry pamphlet/anthology. You can join any time, please just let me know if you are interested and I will hopefully get this opportunity set up as soon as possible. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me and also let me know if you are interested via

Happy 2022 – it’s time for some change!

And just like that, a new year is upon us, and Your Fire Magazine has some new improvements we would like to make. Please see below for the new changes and please do not hesitate to ask question via the comments or directly to :

Point system: After each submission you will earn points, the more points you earn, the more rewards you get! Find more information by heading to the top of the page and clicking on POINT SYSTEM.

-End of year awards: We think you deserve some more rewards! With the end of year rewards, we have a huge selection of rewards where your hard work can be recognised, as well as earning a whole range of prizes, trophies and publication opportunities. You can view all of the ways of getting one of these rewards and also the prizes by heading to the top of the page and clicking on END OF YEAR AWARDS.

End of year newsletter: In the end of year newsletter, we will announce new changes for the next year, and also showcase those who have won end of year awards, and those we think need an extra special mention. It will be a way to celebrate the year. You can pre-order 2022’s end of year newsletter for a discounted price in our shop.

-Bonus edition collections: Bonus editions will be published, showcasing the very best of the previous year, and also celebrating the talent put forwards to Your Fire Magazine. You can pre-order 2022’s bonus edition collections for a discounted price in our shop.

-Art submissions accepted: After many requests, we have decided to now accept art submissions when we re-open for submissions for issue 1.

-Longer Word/ Line Count: For normal submissions, the word count for flash fiction will be increased to 250 words, short stories will be 750 words, poetry will be increased to 40 lines. We hope this will encourage even more fantastic work!

We hope you have had a well-rested, relaxing holiday, and we wish you all the best for the new year!

Once A Year by Melissa Neubert

Today there is a wonderful piece of work from Melissa who entered our Halloween Competition. Please, enjoy…

WARNING: some readers may find the story distressing

Once A Year by Melissa Neubert

Crunchy dried-up leaves in shades of orange, yellow and red drifted around the neighborhood dancing in the crisp autumn evening breeze. A smoky fog hid the imperfections of the old homes creating am eerie feel. Pumpkins lit, brightly decorated for the season sat on front porches glowing with their faces carved into perky smiles and scary scowls all awaiting All Hallows’ Eve.

Dusk had always been my favorite time of day. The time I found myself sitting in front of the window in my rocking chair, holding an old rag doll, watching people arrive home from work. They stop on their porch and grab the mail then head inside and soon the house would be lit up and they would be bustling around their kitchens preparing dinner. So normal. So mundane. Sometimes I wished I were more like them. I wasn’t normal though. I was a monster.

I had been a monster all my life. My parents had passed away when I was little. They had been murdered, killed right in front of me. I was hiding under the bed like my mom told me to do, clutching my rag doll, but I saw what happened to them. I witnessed him brutally slicing their throats and as they lay writhing on the floor in front of me, I saw all their life’s blood ooze from their fatal wounds. I wanted to cry. I wanted to be sad. The doctors talked behind my back saying that I failed to grieve properly.

I remember sitting in school and instead of learning history or math I day-dreamed about killing my classmates. Each day was a new and different vision of how they might die. My foster parents were afraid of me by the time I was ten. They should have been. I was a monster, well a monster in the making.

Now as Halloween approached, I had chills of anticipation. It was the one and only night of the year that I let the monster in me out to play. I might be a monster, but I am also intelligent enough to know that jail wouldn’t suit me, so I move from place to place, year after year. I only indulge once a year to prevent from getting caught. Tomorrow….

The little red-haired girl from up the street just happened to be out Trick or Treating alone. She was the perfect choice. When she knocked, I invited her in.

The headlines read: Nine-year-old girl out Trick or Treating found dead. Her eyes had been removed.

I folded up the paper and placed it in the box with the glass jar containing the eyes. They were green. I grabbed my old rag doll and loaded up my old Mercedes and checked the calendar on my phone. Only 364 days till the next All Hallows’ Eve.

FREE Halloween Competition Announcement

Thankyou to all those who entered, and many apologies for the delay in the announcement. Unfortunately, we didn’t receive enough submissions to have three winners, a shortlist and a longlist.

We only received one submission, and we would like to give a shoutout to them.

Thankyou very much Melissa Neubert for submitting your piece of work ‘Once A Year’.

We were very impressed with this piece of work, and in the next few days we would like to share it with you all, so please keep your eyes on the blog!

National Poetry Day Competition Results

Hello everyone! I would like to start by thanking everyone of you who have submitted your work and trusted us with it – we are privileged. We were astounded by the amount of submissions as well as the quality of work. We received a grand total of 37 entries! Congratulations to all those who have made the longlist, shortlist and if you are one of our winners!

I present to you our three winners: (In no particular order)

  1. The Tell-Tale Streetlight by David Clear

2. When Notes Become a Melody by Evie Groch

3. Choices: a day in the life of a retiree by Rachel R. Baum

The Shortlist: (In no particular order)

  1. Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law by Robert Allen

2. The Aspiring Utopian by Mark Murphy

3. Smiles the choice of rose hips hue by Mark Heathcote

4. Choices – movement of turning point by Janvi

5. Mask by Matt McGee

The Longlist: (In no particular order)

  1. Jacobin Jenny by Mark Murphy

2. Song For Tussy by Mark Murphy

3. Just Wending Your Way Home by Mark Heathcote

4. A Choice by Evie Groch

5. Sanitising Marx by Mark Murphy

6. The Right Choice by Evie Groch

7. Vellichor by Evie Groch

8. Choices by Mark Fisher

9. Couple’s Night by Matt McGee

10. Willow Rallies by Matt McGee

Keep watching the blog, because soon, we will be interviewing our winners!

Announcing the new Christmas Competition

In the exciting countdown to Christmas, we want you to put all of your excitement into some wonderful work for our brand new competition! The competition is open from today until the 17th of December 2021. For more information, please go to the tabs at the top of the page and select the ‘FREE CHRISTMAS COMPETITION’ tab. We can’t wait to see your work – GOOD LUCK!

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