Star Page – Sreekanth Kopuri

Below is a brand new poem written by Sreekanth Kopuri – one of the star page features from Issue 1.

His other works being published on our blog to look out for in the next few weeks are:

Rain Again


A New Normal

Another Egg

of a summer-white smile

of another Easter,


a sunny lesson

of a luminescent morning


laid against the sands

of some more circles,


the grace that loves

every handful of dust, waits


under those warm wings

of Love’s patient time


that hatches for the

earth’s last pages


that flicker in its ears

whispering the secret


that will crack open with

a cluck – a sign of last trumpet. 

A New Normal

you’ll face consequences you’ve never seen in history

                                                       -Vladimir Putin  

Since a single death

is a tragedy,

a million battalions

slither for beyond

along a road not taken

abiding by a decree

of a cold blooded hand

that contemplates to send

Big Boys or Fattest men against

the desperate flutter of doves

sedating the peoples’ psyche

for a new normal

that must stoicize the earth

into an existential oneness

towards an apocalyptic preoccupation.

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