Announcing the new Christmas Competition

In the exciting countdown to Christmas, we want you to put all of your excitement into some wonderful work for our brand new competition! The competition is open from today until the 17th of December 2021. For more information, please go to the tabs at the top of the page and select the ‘FREE CHRISTMAS COMPETITION’ tab. We can’t wait to see your work – GOOD LUCK!

2 thoughts on “Announcing the new Christmas Competition


    Santa gets a Harley
    As Christmas was approaching, poor Santa felt the strain,
    His knees creaked, His joints ached, & his back was full of pain.
    He called his wife for some advice, but she couldn’t help at all,
    So he went to see the reindeer, tucked up cozy in their stall.
    Blitzen had athritis, Comet & Cupid had the flu, Dasher just felt very old,
    Dancer & Prancer were both going deaf, Donder & Vixen did not like the Cold.
    Then Santa had a great idea & went to talk to the Elves, who remain always young.
    He told them what he wanted, and at once a plan was drawn & work begun.
    Three days left till Christmas Eve, the Elves called Santa to come & see,
    It really was a thing of beauty, shining & gleaming in the night, “That’ll do me”.
    So he climbed aboard, started the motor & took off like a rocket, racing cross the skies.
    He soon returned & told them all, how exceedingly well she flies.
    Nobody saw Santa until Christmas eve, then they got a shock, gone was his traditional suit,
    Replaced with leather jacket & trousers (Red of course) & a pair of biker boots.
    Off he roared on his way to deliver the gifts, & was back home in half the time,
    With a smile upon his face, feeling half his age & fine.
    “I should have done this years ago, so much fun, can’t find a thing i don’t like.
    So forget about the jingle bells, Just listen for a Harley Davidson Bike.
    Karol Woodroffe
    Merry Christmas everybody
    xxxxx xxxxx

  2. Karol Woodroffe says:

    It would be great to hear from more poets…


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