Awakening by Annemarie Timmons

Infinite Possibilities, what an intriguing thought.

Belief-systems I patterned, for security I sought.

Earth-drama to distract myself, I soon became addicted;

My body could not cope with pain, emotions I restricted.

Belief-systems invisible, till Witness lays them bare.

My rationalizing intellect pretending I’m aware.

I’ve not conceived what’s possible, enslaved to old believe’;

Assuming that from memories a new world I’d achieve.

Acknowledging my partnership with God, I oft neglected;

Refused responsibilities to own what I projected.

To purify my wounded heart, my thoughts controlled all cleaning,

Resisted to allow what is; to chaos I gave meaning.

How many lifetimes will it take for Witness to reveal,

The games my mind has played with me,


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