Thankyou very much to everyone who took part – I loved reading every submission. Below are the outstanding winners:

Possession by D.J. Doyle

Let’s Live Two-gether by Frank Joussen

Global Peace by Frank Joussen

Water by Michael Brownstein

Time by Lauren Hern

Truth and Lies by Keith Hoerner

Flight of the Body’s Spirit by Shalom Aranas

Dark Spring by Gina Gidaro

Escape by Gina Gidaro


I present to you our three winners: (In no particular order)

The Tell-Tale Streetlight by David Clear

When Notes Become a Melody by Evie Groch

Choices: a day in the life of a retiree by Rachel R. Baum

The Shortlist: (In no particular order)

Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law by Robert Allen

The Aspiring Utopian by Mark Murphy

Smiles the choice of rose hips hue by Mark Heathcote

Choices – movement of turning point by Janvi

Mask by Matt McGee

The Longlist: (In no particular order)

Jacobin Jenny by Mark Murphy

Song For Tussy by Mark Murphy

Just Wending Your Way Home by Mark Heathcote

A Choice by Evie Groch

Sanitising Marx by Mark Murphy

The Right Choice by Evie Groch

Vellichor by Evie Groch

Choices by Mark Fisher

Couple’s Night by Matt McGee

Willow Rallies by Matt McGee