Below, please see the awards we will be giving out at the end of the year! All of the winners of these awards will be given a trophy, publishing in the end of year newsletter and the prizes stated below, however, we do apologise if the prizes or awards given are changed throughout the year.

Most published: Print subscription & 15X postcards (one of each)

Most submitted: Print subscription

Best photography: Photography 2022

Best micro fiction: Fiction 2022

Best flash fiction: Fiction 2022

Best short story: Fiction 2022

Best mini poetry: Poetry 2022

Best poetry: Poetry 2022

Best themed piece of work: Fiction 2022/ Poetry 2022/ Photography 2022 (their choice)

Best star page: Bonus edition 2022

Best piece of work:

Most improvement

Highest average score

Most competition rankings

Highest score

Member of the year

Fiction writer of the year

Poet of the year

Photographer of the year

Overall contributor of the year