Feral Love by Sunday T. Saheed

you know, I once

reckoned it was love.


on that auspicious day,

when the lunar moon appeared


with two planets by its flanks

—Venus too, Jupiter too.


it sprayed butterflies, pinkish 

ones that floated across our cranium; an ecstasy 


that limps through my pounding heart

& my pores that swivel sweats.


you giggled at me, & the glittering of your incisors

illumed my liaison —isn’t this love?


you ran to me, in ìró & bùbá

strapped to your curvy turpentined buttocks.


drums of beads, I heard

jingles of the beads on your waist.


you hugged me, & that was it,

I thought it was your own share 


of the cake I rationed.

so, I jumped off a cliff


& foresaw your love would hold me 

back. You brought your hand towards


me, & it slipped, & I fell,

my body didn’t shatter, my heart did.

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