Good Graces by Kai Double

I remember the first time I had to cross the bridge into the Winterlands, I was met with a very nasty troll. He sat there, totally blocking all passage and not looking to budge an inch. Naturally, I got a little uppity about this. What on Earth are you doing just lazing there?! I asked. If you want to cross this bridge, you’ll have to give up your sight. Barked back the troll, with a candid bluntness that truly left me flabbergasted.  My eyes?! What a preposterous deal. How would I be able to flog my wares in the Winterlands if I am unable to see?! The troll shrugged at me, totally ignoring me showing him what I thought were some quite splendid wares indeed. Pots and pans and rugs and fans. All splendidly procured and ethically source I hastened to tell him. Don’t know don’t care. The Winterlands is such a busy trading town that I thought it only right I should get a share. But Eyes?! I retorted in continuous disbelief. The Troll shrugged again. Eye’s are a delicacy. I’m a fussy eater. Well I never! Came my cry…

That was six weeks ago. Here I am now travelling the Winterlands and business is, well, splendid! I only wish I could see that troll again to thank him for being so reasonable!   

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