Happy 2022 – it’s time for some change!

And just like that, a new year is upon us, and Your Fire Magazine has some new improvements we would like to make. Please see below for the new changes and please do not hesitate to ask question via the comments or directly to yourfiremagazine@gmail.com :

Point system: After each submission you will earn points, the more points you earn, the more rewards you get! Find more information by heading to the top of the page and clicking on POINT SYSTEM.

-End of year awards: We think you deserve some more rewards! With the end of year rewards, we have a huge selection of rewards where your hard work can be recognised, as well as earning a whole range of prizes, trophies and publication opportunities. You can view all of the ways of getting one of these rewards and also the prizes by heading to the top of the page and clicking on END OF YEAR AWARDS.

End of year newsletter: In the end of year newsletter, we will announce new changes for the next year, and also showcase those who have won end of year awards, and those we think need an extra special mention. It will be a way to celebrate the year. You can pre-order 2022’s end of year newsletter for a discounted price in our shop.

-Bonus edition collections: Bonus editions will be published, showcasing the very best of the previous year, and also celebrating the talent put forwards to Your Fire Magazine. You can pre-order 2022’s bonus edition collections for a discounted price in our shop.

-Art submissions accepted: After many requests, we have decided to now accept art submissions when we re-open for submissions for issue 1.

-Longer Word/ Line Count: For normal submissions, the word count for flash fiction will be increased to 250 words, short stories will be 750 words, poetry will be increased to 40 lines. We hope this will encourage even more fantastic work!

We hope you have had a well-rested, relaxing holiday, and we wish you all the best for the new year!

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