From next week, every Monday we will be publishing 5 fantastic pieces of work from our shortlist. We are publishing them in no particular order, and we hope this will help give everyone a feel about what kind of work we really like.

If you are part of the shortlist and really DO NOT want your work to appear on the blog, you really must let us know soon, otherwise we will publish it on the blog. We have sent an email to all those shortlisted to send through a bio and photo of themselves – this is to try and help promote them and their work – so if you are shortlisted and have perhaps maybe not got an email for some strange reason and want to be promoted more, we would be happy to share these things on the blog so just email us. Congratulations to all those in the shortlist, and if you haven’t made it to the shortlist yet, then what are you waiting for? The submissions are unlimited, so why not give it a go?

We look forwards to giving you hopefully a weekly dose of enjoyment!

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