Interview With Evie Groch

Below is an interview with the incredibly talented winner of our National Poetry Day Competition:

The Random Section

1.What’s your name?                   

Evie Groch


2.What’s your favourite colour?                



3.What’s your favourite animal?               



4.What’s your favourite food?                   

Dark chocolate and figs


5.What kind of hobbies do you like?         

Writing, painting, cooking, traveling


6.What’s your favourite time of year?     



7.Do you prefer tea, coffee or none?       

Café mocha


8.What’s your lucky number?                     


The Writing Section

9.What would you say poetry is?

Poetry is the capturing of a feeling and dressing it in revealing words.


10.How long have you been writing poetry?

Since I retired, about 13 years ago.


11.What inspired your winning poem?

Observations of the world both globally and locally.


12.How do you normally find inspiration?

Everywhere around me, from a sentence overheard in line at the market to a new word I learned, to reading the paper.


13.Do you know the title of your poem before you write it, or do you write it and then create your title?

No, but I always have a working title to keep me focused.


14.Do you write your poems with pen and paper or on a device?

I first write with pen and paper before I word process. It stimulates my creativity.


15.Who’s your favourite author?

Ursula K. LeGuin


16.Who’s your favourite poet?

Antonio Machado


17.What’s your favourite book?

The Left Hand of Darkness


18.What’s your favourite poem?

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner


19.How do you go about writing a poem?

From the ending on up and then down again. When I’m done, I add polish and garnish.


20.Why do you like poetry?

It’s a no-holes-barred invitation to tell your truth.


21.Do you have any advice for aspiring poets?

Read, write, repeat.

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