Meeting With Our Dreams by Maid Corbic

People often say that every event brings opportunities

To dream some sacred dreams that were once unrealistic

But the most beautiful thing is that we continue to value a part of ourselves

In those dreams, we feel like some heroes

Somehow from second to second, time passes quickly

Darkness comes and we sink into a deep hibernating sleep

Which when we wake up, we don’t remember anything

Neither time nor our dear dreams

Dreams of squabbles crumble in an instant

The weather forces us to jerk suddenly

Which brings a patellar reflex to our legs

But catching dreams in the real world is hard

People will say all sorts of things about you, but be very wise

Don’t let others hurt your heart of goodness

Because everything can be achieved with the will of Basha

Love opens the door of destiny forever

A fierce showdown with our dreams; capturing difficulty

It kills us in the notion of a fact that does not give us peace

We have to know and be very realistic about ourselves

And that is the days of phoenix birds – they come and go!

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