On The Doorstep by Shannon James

One day, I snapped. Grabbing my keys and driving away from the colourless walls of that office reduced nothing. My paranoid mind went into overdrive instead. Would I be fired? How would I pay rent? What about all my bills? 

I looked out of my window for a distraction and found the welsh countryside staring back. Pulling over, my mouth became agape. Jagged mountains laced with viridian surrounded me. Specks of white roamed the mountainside in the safety of their muted-grey pens. The road ran with the inclines like nature‚Äôs own rollercoaster. The lilac haze of the mounts in the distance made me believe it went on forever. 

The sight awoke something primal in me. All I wanted to do was wander the wild lands of Wales and discover more of these awe-striking views.

For years, this beauty had become a backdrop to my everyday stress after the initial enchantment of living in rural Wales faded. It had remained unnoticed, unappreciated like artwork hidden away in a vault. No more, I thought getting back in the car before driving off further into the valleys. 

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