Preparation by Annemarie Timmons

A babe in a manger such a long time ago,

Just a simple event~ so it seems.

‘T was foretold to prepare, by the heavenly Hosts,

To the prophets in vision and dreams.

So the Word became flesh, and a star points the way,

For the wise men, who brought myrrh and gold.

Yet the Joy of the shepherd, beholding the Babe,

Was more precious than anything gold.

We are still unprepared, and we barter and bribe,

Yet so very few can comprehend ;’t was the

Birth of the Christ in the heart of all men

Hid behind this miraculous event.

Now the only true gifts that we can prepare,

Faith and Joy, and our will to be whole.

So the Peace and the Love of our Lord may transcend,

From a place in our purified soul.

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