Soft & Slow by Nikita Munshi

I can feel it in my bones

As they creak and croak

Groaning & moaning

With their own weight,

They seem heavier now.

I can feel it in my eyes,

That don’t light up like they once did.

They’re smaller now, maybe kinder

But sadder & less curious.

I can feel it in my limp hair,

That refuses to shine anymore.

I can feel it in my heart and being

I can feel it slip into

Any empty space it can find.

It gets stronger,

While I weaken,

Softly and slowly.

And yet I tell myself,

Not to worry,

That there will be a day

When the pain is washed out

When I won’t feel guilty all the time

Where happiness might actually

Creep its way through,

Making place for light.

Soft at first, then bright

Glistening & shimmering. 

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