Sorrow by Iolanda Leotta

What’s sorrow ?

It’s a wound that can’t be healed,

the suffering of a mother

that don’t want to give up,

the cries of a child that is looking

for love,

the loss of a beloved person.

What’s sorrow ?

It’s a knot in the throat that makes

you chock,

it’s a bitter memory

that makes you torment,

it weighed heavily on your conscience

you can’t relieve,

It’s to sacrifice your life

and never be understood,

It’s wish to help

and incapacity to accomplish it.

Who doesn’t know what’s sorrow?

those who don’t know what’s love

and enjoy making feel pain,

they mortify with sarcastic words

without any scruple,

it’s so immense sorrow,

it cannot be described in words.

Bio and Image:

Iolanda Leotta, poetess and storyteller, was born in Italy. She holds a degree in Sciences of Linguistic Mediation.. Recently, her poetry book “L’esploratrice dei sentimenti e dei valori umani” has been published in Italy by Aletti editor, it was presented at “The Federiciano International Poetry Festival”, the testimonial of the public event was Alessandro Quasimodo. Her poems are found in literary anthologies of National and International Competitions.

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