Submissions Closed

As quick as that, our launch issue’s submission period has closed! On the 20th of January, the long awaited issue will be published.

There has been such a wonderful high standard of work and we look forward to choosing the lucky few for publication!

Luckily, submissions are re-opening soon for our next issue! This submission period will begin on the 20th of January and last until the 10th March 2022! Good luck!

Unfortunately, we must add that there has been no submissions for the star page competition or the catching dreams competition. We have no choice but to cancel the catching dreams competition, and change the star page competition. What we have decided to do is invite the person who has sent us the most submissions for the issue. They will then have the opportunity to be featured on the star page. If they choose not to accept this for whatever reason, we will keep on going down the list to the person who has sent us the next highest amount of submissions and so on. Hopefully, one lucky writer, photographer or poet will get a chance to be featured!

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