The Selected For Issue 1

Below, in no particular order, are all the pieces of work that are to be published in issue 1 (including the winners of the Postcard Competition). Congratulations if your name appears below, and if not, we would still like to thank you for helping us get this far. Each and every person who submitted to us should be very proud – the amount of talent was incredible!

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel by Rosetta Yorke
Hungry Hungry Home Appliances! by Kai Double
Soft & Slow by Nikita Munshi
The Eden by Yuu Ikeda
Awakening by Annemarie Timmons
If by Annemarie Timmons
Pinholes by Robert Beveridge
Self Awareness by Annemarie Timmons
Fall by W Roger Carlisle
Another Morning by W Roger Carlisle
Poetry Man by Michael Lee Johnson
97, Coming to Terms & Goodbye (An atheist faces his own death) by Michael Lee Johnson
Keyboard by Michael Lee Johnson
Rain Again by Sreekanth Kopuri
Distance by Sreekanth Kopuri
A New Normal by Sreekanth Kopuri
I Don’t Have A Poem by Karol Nielsen
Good Graces by Kai Double
A Longing For Light by Michael Brownstein
Settle by Nikita Munshi
Wolf-month by J.B. Mulligan
Flat Mates by R.A. Gallagher
But He Wasn’t There by David Pitts
Possession by D.J. Doyle
Let’s Live Two-gether by Frank Joussen
Global Peace by Frank Joussen
Water by Michael Brownstein
Time by Lauren Hern
Truth and Lies by Keith Hoerner
Flight of the Body’s Spirit by Shalom Aranas
Dark Spring by Gina Wilson
Escape by Gina Wilson

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