The Selected For Issue 2

Below, in no particular order, are all the pieces of work that are to be published in issue 2 of our digital magazine. Congratulations if your name appears below, and if not, we would still like to thank you for helping us get this far. Each and every person who submitted to us should be very proud – the amount of talent was incredible!

Short and Sweet by Jack D. Harvey
Poem by Kristy Snedden
My Heart by Amy Cotler
Cut Outs by Diana Raab
Four Questions by Michael Allyn Wells
watermark by Michael Allyn Wells
poetry is alive by Steve Anc
Stop The Clock by Bruce McRae
chamber by Mark A. Fisher
This Lack of Aura by John Grey
The Cloudy Veins by Julian D. Woodruff
The Beginning of the Storm by Frank Joussen
X Earth Attacks Y World by Maid Corbic
A Birthday Party by Linda Booth
The Moon by Jaya Sharma
Beating the Drum by Maggie Nerz Iribarne
Letter Home by Maggie Nerz Iribarne
Primrose by Mark Barlex
Never Forget Who You Are by Timothy Hennum
Perspective by Cailey Tarriane

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