The Selected For The Launch Issue

Below, in no particular order, are all the pieces of work that are to be published in print in the launch issue. Congratulations if your name appears below, and if not, we would still like to thank you for helping us get this far as a brand new magazine.

Homecoming by P. F. Grazioli

Day the name by David Pitts

Spiker by Ian Tucker

Dear Issues by David Henson

Hands of Time by Lee Hammerschmidt

At Last by Victor Nandi

The Philosophy of What by Michael H. Brownstein

Bars by Michael H. Brownstein

Epitaph by Clyde Liffey

The Lift by Cameron Phillips

Tesla by Gerard Sarnat

Indoor Garden Stuff by Gerard Sarnat

Spring Wings by Katherine Gotthardt

Rise by Katherine Gotthardt

Body of Water by Andy Eycott

Sketch by Andy Eycott

Barcelona 1 by Tony Warner

Self Talk by Thomas Alan Gray

Feral Love by Sunday T. Saheed

Evolving Writer by Annemarie Timmons

A strange kind of magic by James Marks

Preparation by Annemarie Timmons

Gaze by Kai Double

Spilled Champagne and Shattered Glass by Teresa Beeding

The Lake House by Keith Hoerner

When Dreams Turn Graphite Gray by Keith Hoerner

Mood Swing by Lee Hammerschmidt

My Way by Lee Hammerschmidt

The Tell-Tale Streetlight by David Clear

When Notes Become a Melody by Evie Groch

Choices: a day in the life of a retiree by Rachel R. Baum

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