X Earth Attacks Y World by Maid Corbic

X Earth was formed by layering a layer of dust around the X world. Cannibals begin to eat dead bodies and flies gather on corpses. Silence is dead, while the fire that burns everything around the X world is doing enough damage to the already dangerous wind from the north. The world has taken shape, and new troubles are springing from the zen. Hunting leaves a mark and time no longer exists as it once did in the normal world. Now only fire and wind come to us, but also from the X-ray sky that kills the world with a laser, and is led by aliens. Everything has become so gloomy ds we see nothing, but the youngest want to run away. And it doesn’t go easy for them because they are children. They want life, but the X ray twists and radiates the body. The roots are dead, the bodies are thrown down the path while the green figures in the X axis and Y are fed every second. We are sinking, we do not see where. And the suffering was handed over when the co-commander of the ASU spacecraft came to us from a height, ready to respond with cloning through the saliva and skin of the new green people. Everything was created due to injustice and politics, and we are still being eaten by darkness and misfortune!

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