Your Fire Magazine: Launch Issue Published!

We are so happy to announce that the Launch Issue of Your Fire Magazine has been officially published today. Due to the recent and unexpected loss of a close family member, unfortunately I don’t feel in a fit mental state to deliver the launch. I am so, so sorry for all of the inconvenience with it all being jiggled and messed up, and also for letting everyone know at such short notice. I really, truly am. I didn’t want anyone to feel as though they have missed out, so below I have included parts of what I had prepared for tonight.

Here is a sneaky peek of the front cover:

Below is the editors note included in the magazine:

Creating this magazine has been a most incredible experience and I am so proud of the journey! I would like to thank each and every contributor to the magazine, and not just to those selected. Yes, they are the chosen, and are all incredibly talented, but the contents of this magazine is only a snapshot of the incredible people who have sent in their outstanding work. I really was amazed.

Now, as a writer and poet myself, I can understanding how elating it is to be selected, but I also know that every setback makes me stronger. I hope that a rejection doesn’t stop you from pursuing your dreams, and I hope that being selected adds more wood to your fire. I would like to thank each and every contributor to the magazine, as well as all of my family, who have been very patient with me. I wouldn’t be writing this right now if it wasn’t for you. It has been a rather challenging year so, I wish you all the very best, and hopefully as the new year arrives, the situation may improve.

Daisy Blacklock 22/12/2021

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